James Tyler is a next generation distributor designed to meet the needs of the booming Daigou, eCommerce and O2O channels in China. Unlike traditional sales channels, these new online channels have their own demands like being instantaneous, compatible with smartphones, 24/7 customer service and a whole lot of other unique demands that we never anticipated but have now become second nature to us!

The 'engine room' behind this sales system is our own ‘foreign farm to Chinese table’ cold chain system that includes all of the green channel certifications and processes that are required for fresh products in China. Supporting this green channel is our own ordering and tracking APP that offers fresh seafood, dairy, meat and summer fruit products for any Chinese agent specialising in digital sales. 


As of February 2018 we have delivered over 140,000 parcels in China, 100% of these to the final consumer as we do not do wholesale. This has given us an amazing amount of rich data on the Chinese consumer, their location, buying habits and preferences - ensuring that as we continue to grow we can continue to refine our offering to a very specific and engaged target consumer in China.




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