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This box of cherries comes from the centre of Tasmania – a pristine region in Southern Australia that we like to call ‘The Heart of Tasmania.’ This region is known for having the cleanest air in the world, with a cool temperature and long days of summer sunshine which provides the ideal growing conditions for our cherries

The Farms

When people visit our farms one of the first things they notice is that there is hardly a human to be seen. Surrounded by natural forests and native wildlife, this is a beautiful environment that produces fresh, clean and healthy cherries. All of the cherry trees are located on a hill facing the sun, and are grown in nutrient rich soil which means that our cherries not only taste great, but are also full of natural vitamins and minerals

The Farmer

We only work with family run, boutique farms. This way we can ensure that our cherries are looked after with the utmost care, picked by hand and raised by passionate people – instead of big corporations with expensive machinery. Our farmers have an innate knowledge of the land, and understand which cherry variety to use so that it’s a perfect match to extract the most flavour from the sun, soil and the climate.

The Fruit

Our fruit is some of the last cherries to be picked in the entire season, which gives them a long time hanging in the trees to get jucier, fatter and tastier. After picking we grade the fruit – anything less than 1% defects we send for export, anything with more than 2% defects we send to supermarkets and anything with more than 3% defects we send away to make jams and juices. So when you taste our cherries, you know that they are the best of the best.

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