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We’ve all seen nightmare images of decaying fruit on foreign tarmacs. Importing fresh product into China is complex and mistakes can be costly. But the opportunities are exciting and if done right, the upside is significant. 


James Tyler has a proven track record as a full-service product, logistics and distribution solution for fresh food into China. We partner with global, premium fresh and FMCG producers to secure access to this market in a brand-new way. 

we have the know-how

We are experts in China market access and compliance and can manage the intimidating Chinese customs process for you. 

we have the infrastructure

We offer an unparalleled cold-chain logistics supply chain that is quick, secure, transparent and focuses on preserving the integrity of your product.

we have the relationships

Our team works with New China, finding the right sales platforms with the right consumers, so that you can enjoy the right returns.

By choosing James Tyler, a wholly Australian-owned, Chinese importer, trust that you have an experienced partner every step of the way. Our capable, bilingual team is on the ground in Australia and China, poised to respond to the dynamism of the market, or resolve any issue that may arise. Get in touch today to find out more. 

our know-how

Our experienced team is intimately familiar with the China market entry processes that can be overwhelming. 


We complete all market access protocols on your behalf, from ensuring the original processing facility is registered for export, to making sure your ingredients are compliant with Chinese standards.  


Our unique in-house customs clearance capacity means we take care of the full customs experience, including registering your import with Chinese customs, and all export and import paperwork. We are the only Western business with a standalone customs desk at Zhengzhou airport, a major import hub, and strong presence at Shanghai and Guangzhou airports. 

our infrastructure

We know that in the world of imports, time is money, and we’re proud of our advanced, agile, end-to-end logistics supply chain that ensures optimised quality and speed to market. 


James Tyler provides: 


  • A true D2C solution for fresh food supply into China, controlling the product from original source right through to Chinese table;

  • A tailored logistics experience for your product, including airfreight and sea-freight options; 

  • Secure tracking supported by block-chain technology;

  • Safe and secure temperate controlled warehousing around China; 

  • 90% coverage of Chinese population with last mile delivery service; and

  • A continuing commitment to finding new efficiencies and reducing cost in the supply chain 

Inventory Checking
Closing a Deal

our relationships

Covid 19 and the accompanying strain on old, opaque supply chains and distribution models signalled a new opportunity: China’s new and emerging digital sales channels, and theirprimary market, the Chinese millennial. 


New China is transparent, tech-driven, and dominated by digitally-savvy Chinese millennials, who account for 4.5% of the global population, have a burgeoning taste for premium Western produce and a voracious appetite for online shopping. 


James Tyler have capitalised on this disruption by:


  • Establishing close relationships with many of new China’s most exciting retailers – the digital platforms and quick service retail that these consumers love; 

  • Ensuring our sales and order app seamlessly integrates with these major platforms, enabling the Chinese consumer to simply see, click and pay; and

  • Becoming experts at communicating with and creating content for these consumers in alanguage they understand, in the style they love. 

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